Saturday morning I rose and immediately began working on the editing of the Wright Brothers’ musical. To my horror, I discovered I had made an error in a particular area of research. I could not allow it to slip through and spent the better part of the day trying to fix it. The boys entertained themselves with basketball, bikes and a video until I could stand it no longer. I packed up my writing material and took the boys to the pool. I swam with the boys for an hour and then returned to editing for another two hours. We ate dinner and shopped, and returned home to some ping pong and a television. I returned to my study and worked until 2:00am.

I woke promptly at 6:00am and could not return to sleep. Flyer always seems to sense when it is Sunday and therefore, was laying at my side with her head on my chest, tail beating a steady thump and staring at me with her beautiful blue eyes. I rose and walked her three blocks to get the Sunday paper. She is so great with her commands – especially while waiting on the stop light. I worked on the musical while catching glimpses of To Meet The Press and George Stephonapolous’ morning show. The boys played basketball with a friend, rode bikes and did whatever teenage boys do while Dad is slaving away on a musical theatre project. We ate dinner and went to the pool which was rented for the evening by a church where our good friends go. It was a blast. Jose spent a good deal of time with school friends, and Matt was like a large turtle with all these children hanging on him.

The weekend is over and I am not finished with my editing. I should be finishing it now, but I am practically brain dead. I teach this week, Monday through Thursday. I wanted to head to Indiana Wednesday evening after teaching, but we had free tickets to the outdoor drama, Blue Jacket. My friend, Jeff Mohlman, wanted to go with us, but Thursday night was his only available night. Since I do not like to miss an opportunity to spend time with Jeff, I opted to leave a day later. I have a ton of genealogy work to complete on Friday, so my sons will get to spend time with Aunt Dena and the boys until Grandma gets off work.