The Jolliffe~Haas family code of conduct:

We, the family members of Jolliffe-Haas,
demonstrate love, compassion and understanding to our fellow travelers of this world.

We recognize, respect and rejoice in the Creative Spirit
and acknowledge and utilize our individual and collective Angel Teams.

We believe that each day provides us the opportunity to always work hard… bask in learning new things… strengthen initiative… love our work and our world… be precise… have the spirit of conquest… cultivate personality… help and share with others… be democratic… in all things do our best… and never stop dreaming, or believing in ourselves. And, we vow to always BE THE MIRACLE!

A true leader guides & allows other to lead… a true leader does not order but encourage.

Never, ever give up on anything!

“I can accomplish any thing!”

I demonstrate kindness and a loving attitude to all walks of life.

I respect myself, others’ opinions and choices, and the property of others.

Conflict Resolution
I will work through inner conflicts and conflicts with others for a positive result.

I will dream my own dreams, follow my own path, and always recognize the power
that is within me and my fellow travelers.