Top: Flyer
Bottom: Flyer with my student, Dan Moore

I was not really looking for a dog, but for some reason, the morning of November 4, 2001, I scanned through the Sunday paper and jotted down a number. The gentleman gave me directions to their farm and said I could come out any time. I drove out south of Xenia, Ohio and easily found the farm. The young guy and his wife of 6 years greeted me. They married, each bringing to the union their own dog. He had a Springer Spaniel named Caesar, and she had Portia, a beautiful combonation of a Black Lab and a Siberian Husky. Portia was identical to the Black Lab, but had piercing blue eyes.

I watched four puppies scamper about the back yard. Three were chocolate brown and white, and the runt of the litter, was black and white with blue eyes. The runt had almost died several times and the mother kept hiding her in the pouch of an old recliner in their garage. Their daughters would save her each time and the family nursed her to health.

As the puppies played, I sat on the steps of the deck and watched them, eyeing one of the brown and white puppies. All of a sudden, the runt stopped playing, looked up at me and ran to the deck. She placed her chin on my knee and looked up at me. Sold!

On the way home the little thing could not see out the window and just sat in the passenger seat looking about the car. Finally, she came over and laid her head on my leg and went to sleep. Since I was working on the Wright Brothers musical, I decided she should have a name to honor the Wrights. She did not look like Orville, she had too much hair to be called Wilbur, the name Katharine did not fit her, and Kitty Hawk just seemed too much. I ended up naming her Flyer. I was later to discover that Wilbur Wright, while working on contracts in France, had a dog which he named Flyer.

Today, Flyer is one of the highlights of our family. Intelligent, loving, protective, devoted, talented and playful – this beautiful creature definitely has become my best friend!