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Today is the eleventh anniversary of Logan coming to live with me. Logan was born in April 1994 to a family in Centerville. I really wanted a dog, but with my travels back and forth between New York and Dayton, it would have been quite a chore to take care of a dog. So I opted for a cat. Logan, a beautiful tabby, is named after my musical theatre mentor, Joshua Logan. Mr. Logan directed South Pacific (stage & movie), Paint Your Wagon, Camelot, Bus Stop, Picnic, Mister Roberts, Annie Get Your Gun, By Jupiter, Wish You Were Here , Mr. President and a score of others.

I did not know that you did not train cats like dogs, and Logan was soon walking on a leash, sitting, standing, rolling over, and coming when called. That fall I decided Logan needed a companion and I brought home, Harrigan (named for Mr. Logan’s father-in-law, Edward Harrigan). Harrigan was beautiful but somewhat on the dull witted side. Unforunately, I could no longer keep Harrigan (urinary release problems on the carpet!) and I took her to the Humane Society in November 2001.

When I brought Flyer, the dog, home the next day, Logan demonstrated her fury. Flyer was a little smaller than Logan and Logan certainly made sure Flyer was under her ruling. Flyer is now three times bigger than Logan, but Logan is still the queen.


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